The Importance Of Physical Security Throughout The World

For years the need for physical security has grown immensely without an end of growth in sight. Independent property owners, as well as multi-story business building complex owners, are now understanding the need for this once frowned upon profession. Property owners now understand that police response time can be critical if a hostile event were to occur at the immediate location of their property. Physical security professionals on site can prevent a menial event escalating into a hostile event; just by their mere presence can deter most on-site happenings.

Physical security is no longer a laughing matter. Even the stock market has their eyes on the physical security market. The physical security market is expected to grow from USD 69.63 Billion in 2016 to USD 112.43 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 10.1% between 2016 and 2021. This is huge!

Homeowners and business owners alike are sensing the need for physical protection systems. Many property owners are beginning to understand the need for multiple layers of defense to protect them from intruders gaining direct access to their homes, businesses, and other vital resources. Invasion detection systems are practical controls that are vital because they detect a break-in and/or invasion. Detection systems are a must because they notify security professionals of a security event taking place immediately.

When it comes to information security, physical security is usually not thought of much or at all. Many people don’t have the slightest notion that physical security has technical and administrative elements affiliated with it. Physical security is often ignored due to organizations placing priorities on technology adapted to security countermeasures to impede hacking attacks. Most organizations don’t have the understanding that hacking into network systems is not the only way that sensitive information can be stolen or used against a person, business, or organization. Physical security must be employed correctly to prevent attackers from gaining physical access to your home, businesses, or organizations, and taking whatever it is they can salvage after gaining access. Online deterrents like firewalls, cryptography, and other security methods would be of no use if that were to occur. What most businesses and organizations are faced with in this present day would be stolen USB drives, tablets, laptops, flash drives, and smartphones. These devices all have the ability to store sensitive information that can be lost or stolen. People, businesses, and organizations are faced with the challenges of safeguarding information, equipment, people, facilities, systems, and other company assets. People, businesses, and organizations can face civil or criminal penalties due to negligence for not adapting and having proper security controls in place.

The main objective of physical security is to safeguard property, information, personnel, equipment, IT infrastructure, facilities, and all other vital assets. There must be multi-layered security measures in place to help safeguard all of the elements just mentioned. Let’s face it; it is much harder for an attacker to reach their objective when multiple layers of security have to be bypassed to access a resource. What are you waiting for? Take action now before it’s too late!