Intra Modal Biometric Fusion: Improvement in Biometric Search Performance

One of the advanced inventions of science is a use of biometric to establish the identity of an individual based on its physical, chemical or behavioural attributes. Biometrics provides a solution to ease the identity management for any organisation to keep the records of personnel. There are two schemes such as automated and semi-automated to identify individuals based on their biological characteristics. There are various biometric technologies which have been proposed and implemented too, such as voice, face, signature, hand geometry, retina and fingerprint scanner.

Whereas Intra modal biometric fusion is another advance addition to this convenient invention to improve the biometric search performance.

Here are some factors where improvement led to attain the effective result.

1. Growing use of multiple algorithms

A recent improvement in biometrics is the growing use of multiple algorithms which works within the same modality to conduct the search. It can be utilized as using the various algorithms from different vendors in the same search which will help to generate strength from each to compensate the weaknesses of others. The data growth can make search result more complex which result in a false match. This help in authenticating the data with an absolute result. Using different algorithm can deliver a more authentic result. Some biometric search algorithms see the match and other see non-match, it all depends on using different algorithms by the organization. Facial biometrics need more authentic algorithms to detect the high-quality image.

2. Statistical nature of biometrics

One of the important improvements, the statistical nature of biometric plays a crucial role to bring out the authentic static. Identifying a candidate needs to compare personal characteristics of a person with the database. The biometric system brings out the result in numeric and each individual’s result is unique in this. An authentic result is important, the different biometric system has a different fingerprint scanner to compare the results from the collected database. For the huge database, statistical nature of a biometric plays a critical role to obtain the actual result and it’s getting tougher when a database exceeds from a particular number such as data is reaching out to millions. Intra Modal biometric fusion makes it easy to deliver the authentic result.

3. Biometric matching algorithm

Biometric matching algorithms enable the techniques to compare the result samples. A biometric search system applies different algorithms to use the machine as exactly what our brains do. The intra modal biometric fusion has been successfully solving this problem and delivering the processed imagery. The classification and comparison can only be possible with correct-designated algorithms that can handle features and conditions effectively and appropriately. There is only 1 in a million candidates’ database which occurs as a false match and it can equally be possible as there is no any biometric which delivers an absolutely authentic result. Though, intramodal biometric fusion has the capacity to deliver the best possible result with the maximum right match.


In order to deliver the better result with efficiency and effectiveness, technology has been continuously devoting its part and the intramodal fusion biometric is definitely a boon for any organization.