How To Get Your Customers To Promote Your Products

You want the world to know about your products and services. After all, you provide something unique and useful to your audience and probably your customers are friends with people who are like themselves and who may also need your product.

Getting them to tell their friends and family and others that they made this purchase almost guarantees that at least one of their friends will buy something.

Incentivize Them

There are many ways to incentivize your customers. You can give them a prize. Call them out and thank them in public. Publicly promote them if they are also in business. When you reciprocate someone’s nice actions, it will encourage them to do it more often. Something as simple as thanking them, giving them points to add to a discount, or giving them a prize can work very well.

Add Social Sharing Icons

By adding social sharing icons wherever you can, just your audience seeing them will remind them to do it. But, of course, always ask them to share too.

Start a Formal Affiliate Plan

An affiliate plan is a system by which if a person recommends your product to someone else with a special clickable link and that person buys, then the person who recommended the product gets a percentage of sales.

Create Amazing Products

A very simple thing to do to get more people to talk is to create products that your customers think are amazing. When you do that, they get excited and automatically talk about it. You really need to wow them to get this working. Think about how people will go on social media and complain but rarely get on there and state positive things about a product unless it wows them.

Be Active on Social Media

Stay at the top of your customers’ minds by being more active. When you are more active, you give them more content to share. Go live, share memes, talk about your day. Be yourself and be a real human while also interacting with others. Engagement is key.

Go To and Host Live Events

This is about being active. If your audience is there, be there. The more they can get to know you, the better. When your customers can see you regularly being active and going to live webinars and other events, they are more likely to do it too – as well as tell their friends and family about you.

Donate to Their Favorite Charity

You can also poll your customers to find out what their favorite charity is out of some that you like. Depending on comments, you may need to change totally, but the goal is to choose a charity that most of your fans like and run a promotion asking them to share it.