Is Real Estate in Your Future? Look Into Getting Your License

To obtain a real estate license in NY, it is important to be aware of the steps you must take leading up to the test to become licensed. Becoming a real estate salesperson requires a specific number of hours of course study, and the successful completion of the school’s final exam at the end, followed by the New York State exam. Once this is completed, an individual can begin to explore a career in real estate sales. The good news is, according to US News, the unemployment rate for land and buildings agents is relatively low, at 3.9-percent. This means a relatively stable career choice.

In order to obtain a real estate license in New York, the New York Department of State requires a student to complete an approved, 75 hour course. Then, the student must take and pass the school’s final exam and the New York State land and buildings exam. Keep in mind that the school’s final exam must be taken in-person, at an approved proctoring location. This applies for both online courses or in-person courses. After completing the school’s final exam, you can schedule to take the New York State exam, which is held at various locations throughout the State. In order to obtain the time and location you desire for the State exam, you should schedule the exam at least two weeks in advance in New York City, and one week in advance throughout the rest of the State.

Obtaining your real estate salespersons license in the first step you will take while entering into the field of real estate. Once you gain enough experience, based on the requirements outlined in Article 12-A of the NYS Real Property Law, you will be eligible to take your broker’s license course. A licensed broker is capable of creating their own agency and managing other agents.

Once you earn your real estate salesperson license, you have attained the knowledge necessary to help individuals or families find their ideal home while getting a good price for the seller. Purchasing a home is a big undertaking for an individual or family. It is a long-term investment that is the main focus of their life for years to come. A home is the central focal point for a family, where they can live their lives comfortably or visit whenever they need to recharge. Homework is completed and meals are eaten within the walls of this purchase for decades. This means a land and buildings agent helps a family find their peace and safety.

For anyone seeking to earn a real estate license in NY, and pursue a new career, it is good to know that US News considers land and buildings sales to be in the top 20 for business jobs (No. 19). However, when it comes to the 100 best jobs to have, real estate ranks low in the list at No. 78. Still, a reliable income can be made with a land and buildings license, since the median salary is just under $40,000. This is not a career path to be taken lightly, but once a commitment is made, this is the type of career that can last a lifetime and give the individual a great sense of fulfillment.