Top 5 Uses of Marble

Marble which is considered as one of the most fascinating and elegant stone which is being used in construction since ancient Asian and European civilizations. You can see various uses of Imported Marble in India i.e. outdoor garden table, sinks, creation of sculptures, countertops, floor tiles etc. Marble is a soft natural stone as compared to the other natural stones, which makes it easier to carve and cut into various designer shapes as per the requirements.

Builders have been using Imported Marble Tiles and Slabs in India to create an artistry and affluent building structure that are not just elegant but functional at the same time. Ever since the inception of ancient civilizations, the marble tiles are used in flooring to provide a decorative touch which makes it an excellent choice for the interior.

In the ancient times Greeks and Romans have been using marble at a large scale for halls and courtyards of their Government buildings. Even today the marble tile flooring is an eminent choice when it comes to adding an exquisite look to your home. Besides this marble tiles add a rich look to your home.

Marble has an array of distinguished uses because sturdiness, structure and its potential to take high polish. Being extracted from Metamorphic Roc, Marble contains minerals dolomite or calcite. Marble is formed under intense heat and extremely high-pressure that is caused out of geological process. Due to the process of creation Marble is capable of bearing high pressure and rough weather conditions. It has a strong crystalline structure and a small part of porosity.

Now that we have discussed the properties of this beautiful natural stone you might have been intrigued by a question that what are the uses of this stone? We have elaborated below the top 5 uses of Marble:


If you’ll look around the history you’ll find The Taj Mahal as one of the best creations of Architecture that is built using White Marble. In fact it is one of the most beautiful historical places in the world. Marble has been used immensely in this building, the domes and the towers. Besides this Marble has distinguished uses in architecture such as staircases, flooring and outer walls to name a few. Indian architecture has built many structures that are built using Imported Marble In India. The best thing about using it is that it has a very low maintenance cost. It is extremely durable with less porosity and can take high polish on it. This results in highly attractive interiors and exteriors that are durable and water resistant.


Marble has a pellucid surface. When this stone is polished extremely, it allows the light to enter it making it glow softly. These properties qualifies marble for producing the most beautiful sculptures. The finest marbles that are picked up for creating sculptures have a few stains or no stains at all. There might be hundreds of sculptures around the globe but Rajasthan possess the finest sculptures built using Imported Marble In Rajasthan that you may find in Sculpture Park at Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur.

Building & Construction

The left out pieces of Marble during construction are further processed to create Marble Stone Chips. They are crushed to different sizes as per the requirements and are used as fillings in construction works. The White Colored Marble has a lot of uses it is crushed to form extremely fine powder that is used as a brightener pigment. The Dolomite Marble is crushed in various standard sizes and is used as a base material in construction of roads as a base material.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry is using Marble extensively in the preparing the calcium feed supplement. Farms are using Marble for the production supplements that are rich in calcium and helps the chickens in producing eggs and cows in producing milk. The Dolomite Marble is being used as flux in the processing metal and a major ingredient in producing ceramics, glass and bricks. Marble contains calcium carbonate that is an acidic agent and it has a property of being readily dissolved in acid. When Marble is unveiled to the acidic reactions, various products are formed based on the nature of acids, such as nitrate, chloride and sulphate.

The Dolomite Marble is a great source of magnesia. Magnesia is a good acid neutralizer therefore it is used in the production of antacids and it is also used for acid neutralization.


Calcite marble is composed of Carbon Dioxide. When it is heated in furnace, Carbon Dioxide is released completely from it leaving behind Calcium Oxide that’s better known as Lime. Since we know marble has acid neutralization properties, Lime is used to control the acidity in soil. The production ability of soil increases when Lime combined with fertilizer is applied to it.

Now that you have understood various uses of Marble around the world, you might be fascinated as where you can find Imported Marble in Rajasthan? Specifically if you belong to Rajasthan you must have heard of Kishangarh. The Imported Marble In Kishangarh is famous around the nation. In fact this town is like a hub of Imported Natural Stone. There you’ll find Marble in abundance.