The Difference Between Bespoke & Made-To-Measure: A Tailor Tell All

They say you can have anything you want if you dress for it. But whether that anything is decided by your tailor or the options available to you at a store, that’s what makes all the difference. When you go into a store, you are presented with a range of options, from formal blazers to casual jackets. However, the options for men’s outfits isn’t unlimited. So, if you’re looking for some customization, Made-To-Measure and Bespoke Tailored garments will probably be your pick. They both have one primary aim, that is to customize your garment and make it the right fit for you. But there’s more to what meets the eye. So here’s taking a look at the differences between the two.

Blurred Linings? Made-to-measure garments, as the name suggests, are made keeping one special customer in mind, the objective is for the garment to fit the person to perfection. Bespoke goes a step ahead, in terms of both, creation and customization. At first glance, the two come across as two threads of the same cloth, but as you’ll see, there are subtle differences between the two which makes them spools apart (pun intended). While getting made- to-measure garments is like ordering at a pasta station, you get to decide the type and sauces, whereas bespoke tailoring is like making a home-cooked meal right from scratch, which means the world’s your oyster.

The Measure mentor: Who’s It Going To Be? When opting for a made-to-measure garment, the retailer at the store is the one who will be taking the measurement. This individual may or may not possess the expertise to focus on minute details while taking measurements. Whereas under bespoke tailoring the tailor who will be creating the garment will be the one to take the measurements, ensuring that the garment will be in the right hands all along.

Starting Point Made to measure clothing builds on already existing standardized sizes and then proceeds to customize the measurements to fit the suit-or. First, a base pattern is selected which closely resembles the customer’s size and then the pattern is customized to fit the customer. Bespoke tailoring, on the other hand, is not only made to order but it is also started right from scratch.

Measuring The Measurement

Since bespoke tailoring pays attention to detail, the measurements taken are many. Apart from the standard practices of measuring the waist, length of sleeves and so on, minute details such as the arch of the back are also taken into account. Made-to- measure, on the other hand, builds upon existing sizing requirements such as shoulder width, collar size and so on.

Number Of Fittings Made to measure tailoring is not as complex as bespoke tailoring and therefore

the number of fittings required throughout the process are also few. One, before the garment is made and one final fitting to see whether any alterations are required. Whereas, when it comes to bespoke tailoring the whole customer journey is recorded, which means multiple fittings. It aims for the utmost precision and therefore requires multiple fittings along the way. Starting from a skeleton baste fitting, moving to the forward fitting and then proceeded by a fin bar fitting. It’s a step by step process, in which a new fitting is built on the previous one.

Method: Man, Machine & More Traditionally, bespoke tailoring implies that the garments are hand-stitched, making them more high-quality, expensive and exquisite. Whereas a made to measure garment uses machines as well, it is more commercial, involves mass production and caters to a larger audience.

Mill-ion Dollar Question- Fabric Options

The types of fabric options available under bespoke tailoring are much greater than those under made-to-measure tailoring. Colors, patterns, textures and more, bespoke tailoring opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to customizing garments.

Degree Of Customization Made to measure tailoring gives the customer an option to decide mostly exterior design which includes buttons, pocket styles and so on. Whereas in bespoke tailoring, the sky is the limit, your options are only as limited as your tailor’s expertise.

Quality Guaranteed? While customization is one aspect, quality is quite another. Bespoke tailoring does not necessarily guarantee the perfect fit, style or look. At the end of the day, the quality of the product depends on the craftsmanship of the tailor and the imagination of the customer. Made to measure tailoring does ensure a certain degree of quality as the scope for human error is limited.

Massy VS Classy? Made to measure garments are ultimately mass produced and the scope for something being exquisite is limited and the chances of twinning are higher. Whereas, bespoke tailoring ensures that the individuality of the garment remains intact as it is an idea that comes to life, so you’ll be sure to stand out in a crowd!

Worth The Wait? Instant gratification is a far stretch for both, but made-to-measure garments are relatively quicker to attain as compared to bespoke garments, which require a level of planning at every stage right from the cloth to the pattern, multiple fittings and more. The baggage that bespoke couture comes with makes it somewhat inconvenient in today’s age of fast-changing designs and trends. But if

you’re looking for something timeless and unique, bespoke garments will definitely quench your thirst.

Price Matters Needless to say, made to measure garments are cheaper than bespoke garments for the most part. Rest depends on the tailor you choose, the fabric and the charges asked by your tailor to create something for you. Generally though, bespoke tailored garments are more expensive, due to the time and commitment that goes into their making. Handmade creations means handsome payments.

May The Best Tailoring Win!

So, who’s the real winner? Bespoke or made to measure? Let’s take a look.

Fit: Since made to measure garments come with the baggage of a predefined fit, more often than not, sizing issues do come up, as no one person is alike, and standardised sizes are rarely meant to fit like a glove. Bespoke with it’s precision and attention to detail, there is little room for an ill-fitted garment at the end of the customer journey. As long as your tailor is trusted, you’re good to go!

Youniqueness: If there’s a particular look you have in mind or a colour you’re craving which might not be available at a store, bespoke tailoring is the answer to your questions. The level of customisation possible will surely help keep up with the fashion statement you have in mind. Unfortunately, made to measure can’t keep up with your imagination and if experimental is more your style, made to measure garments might feel sore to the eyes.

The test of endurance: Considering the time and money spent on bespoke tailoring, the garments produced last longer and can also be altered in the future if required. Whereas made to measure has its limitations, and even though the price is right, longevity isn’t necessarily guaranteed.

In Conclusion, Suit Yourself: If you like to play it safe and all you want is to customize your own shirt, made to measure is the one for you. But if you want something which is just as unique as you are, bespoke is more for you.