SAP Concur

SAP concur

As a large or mid-size enterprise, you require the ability to capture spend data and control travel policies, budgets and expenses. SAP Concur integration provides all this by integrating travel and expense management on a single cloud and mobile-based platform that connects to existing business systems – simplifying approvals, bookings, expense reporting, reimbursements, analytics, and reporting. With SAP Concur, you have full control over the financial aspect of each and every step of your business processes. You can set up our own expense and reimbursement policies, monitor your employees’ expenses and reimburse all approved expenses quickly and easily.

SAP Concur is integrated with the leading online booking tools. You can configure these tools to fit your travel policies which helps ensure compliance in regards to costs and preferred vendor rules. This enables your company to economize your travel expenditures and speed

up the booking process.

SAP Concur is integrated with SAP ERP. This ensures consistency of data, minimizes the need for reconciliation and increases the ability to analyze and audit expenses. For users, entering expenses into SAP Concur is easy, thanks to features like simplified screens, auto-populated fields and the ability to submit expenses from credit cards feeds. If users cannot access the application itself, they can submit expenses using email.

Streamlined-from start to finish.

Employees can easily book travel from a smartphone or desktop browser, while itineraries and credit card charges are automatically and accurately captured. The expense claim is nearly complete upon return, and audit and approval processes are faster, saving additional time and cost.

More accurate information.

With Concur Travel & Expense, data no longer has to be keyed in, multiple times in multiple systems. Instead, e-receipts from travel suppliers and receipts captured with the Concur mobile app automatically turn into expense line items, providing more accurate and timely information for finance teams. In fact, your Concur system can be customised to your company’s travel and expense policy. So not only can out-of-compliance spend be easy to spot and prevent, it can sometimes even be prevented before it ever happens.

Smarter smart phones.

The Concur mobile travel and expense app helps everyone stay productive on the road. Need to change a flight or book a hotel or get a hire car at the last minute? The Concur mobile app makes it easy. Business travellers can even take photos of receipts, attach the images to expenses, and throw away the piles of paper.

A global solution.

Concur Travel & Expense supports multiple currencies and languages, integrates with multiple ERP systems, and can be customised to ensure compliance to your company’s policy. Concur Expense automatically calculates the currency exchange rate, complex car-mileage allowances and VAT/GST/HST/FBT. Plus, Concur Travel includes content from multiple global distribution systems, negotiated and published fares, direct connects and web-only fares – offering a wide range of options for global business travellers.

Concur Travel and Expense has given us a lot better control… everything’s in the system. Nothing gets lost. There’s an automatic trail. And we were able to say, ‘Within 14 days of your expenses being approved, you will have that money in your bank account’. And we’ve stuck to that.

Jayne Usher

Travel and Expense Accountant