Top 8 Business Branding Tips For Today

1. Be Transparent

Even if you don’t want people to know who you are today, they’re going to find out if you become successful enough. Therefore, seek to build a brand that represents your true values that you’d be proud to represent. That way when things are discovered about you, it’s not a shock to anyone because they know, like and trust you already.

2. Market to the Audience of One

Remember that you know exactly who you want to be in your audience and you will design all your marketing materials to appeal to only that audience of one. This means that you put blinders on and don’t worry about whether you turn a few people off that might not buy your product, but seek to appeal to a specific targeted audience within the niche instead.

3. Send Information Regularly to List Members

One way to ensure that you stay connected with your audience is to ensure that you send emails to list members on a regular basis. One way to do that is to go with the “newsletter” idea, sending a nice update for each week of what you’ve shared all over social networks and your blog for them in one spot.

4. Pay for Ads (Especially on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube)

The days of free marketing are almost over. You can market free content, but it will take a lot longer. If you want to move things along faster, spend some money on marketing – at least on these platforms. Market your paid and free content to your audience to ensure the most eyes get on the content.

5. Post Long-Form Content on Your Blog

Today, longer content on your blog is more important than ever. When you post long content, it shows that you’re an expert because you can get into detail about something that your audience cares about. It also signals to search engines that you may be an authority website.

6. Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

You really need a mobile-first strategy today, more than you need a “mobile-friendly” website. Your site needs to work on mobile and off mobile but if you design first for mobile, it will also work well and look good off mobile platforms.

7. Use the Social Media That Your Audience Likes Most

While you may want to be everywhere, use the platform your audience uses most more than the others. You may need to test it out to find out where you gain the most traction but once you know where they are, make that your main platform.

8. Attend Live Events

This applies whether the live event is online such as a live webinar or a live YouTube event, or an in-person event like a seminar or workshop. It’s important that you go where your audience goes.